This project was commissioned by Stanley Rameau of Paul Rameau, a social awareness brand founded in Boston, Massachusetts. Stanley had the vision of creating a 2020 compilation video for social media that would ultimately leave the viewer feeling hopeful, while also capturing the brand's phrase: "In loss I learned love and found life." 
2020 has been full of loss and pain, but also triumph and love. This video seeks to capture that duality, to honor those we have lost this year, and to remind those watching that through love we can collectively heal, make change, and begin our rebirth.  
The short film was premiered on November 29th 2020 at AMC South Bay in Boston. In addition to the video, Darby also created the AR Instagram filter "Paul Rameau 'Life'" which was released that same day. 

Paul Rameau "Life" AR Filter
Created by @darby.iii on Instagram
Premiere Screening at AMC 
November 29th 2020. Boston, MA.
The premiere was followed by a panel discussion between Stanley Rameau, Joelle Fontaine and Darby. 
A second panel discussion focusing on mental health and healing in the black community featured Damien Elijah, founder and Creative Director of Dad No Kids, Herv Gotti, Social Media Marketing Strategist and Image Consultant, Kevin Trotman, leader of Global Collaborations and Energy Footwear for New Balance, and Bernadine Truth, Education Consultant. 

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