Darby, an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker hailing from Boston, employs a diverse array of mediums, including video, photo, video installation, augmented reality, and analog film, to delve into socio-political issues within her community. Her work serves as a catalyst for dialogue and reflection on pressing social concerns, challenging perceptions and amplifying marginalized voices. Darby received her B.A. in Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) from Mass Art in 2020 and has been recognized for her contributions, receiving accolades such as the Film & Video Fellow from Mass Cultural Council in 2021, the Boston Opportunity Artist's Grant in 2022, and Music Videographer of the Year, as well as Music Video of the Year at the Boston Music Awards in 2023. Committed to leveraging her platform for meaningful change, Darby continues to push boundaries and advocate for social justice through her art.​​​​​​​