Darby is an interdisciplinary artist based in Boston. Her mediums range from film + video, to social practice, interactive installation design, photography and Augmented Reality. Her work explores theories of relational aesthetics, socially engaged art and space-making, while also exploring methods of communication through interactivity and shared user experience. 
Her pieces assume participatory forms by prompting the viewer into interactive avenues -  away form passivity and towards individual efficacy within a collective immersive experience. Darby's work aims to parallel and refocus the present on the complexities of public space and the urban structures which make up our socio-economic and physical landscapes. 
In addition to her interrelated practice, Darby also operates as a freelance filmmaker and digital media artist and has recently created videos, augmented reality and digital works for Paul Rameau Brand, Sara Egan Studios, and Sweet Water Foundation
 Darby graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a B.A. in Studio for Interrelated Media in 2020 and is a studio tenant at Dorchester Art Project in Boston, MA.